You know how young kids have high hopes and big dreams? I think human being while young is mostly stuck in his own world which may be miles and miles far from the reality of the physical word outside of their head. Therefore, a kid may dreams of impossible things or in many cases hope for things that are theoretically possible but practically way way out of reach.

As kids grow, they will be slammed in the face plenty of times by different pieces of the reality. Pieces and facts that are going to drag them up all the way…

It’s Monday and just the first day of new semester. New semester and new year for a student who has thought a lot about her new year resolutions and has prepared herself before-hands to stick to them strictly!

Number one resolution: “work harder!” So she gets up early and arrives at her workplace sooner than always. Turn on her PC and starts working and things are going great!

Resolution number two: “As an introvert, try to expand your connections with people and become more social as far as your introversion allows you.” Thus, she sends a message in the group…

“How is it like to be a middle-eastern?” I’ve been asked this question since the very first time I traveled out of middle-east and I have always responded with a very vague short answer. If you want to give a really good answer to this question, a 5 or 10-minute short talk is never going to be enough. Neither will be a single short passage. Maybe a book with multiple chapters could do, or a series of blog posts. …

Lily Delicated

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